Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pathrodo/ Chembila Ada/Yam leaf roll

Today, a fine thursday-evening sitting calm listening to some soft rocks, its heavily snowing outside and the temperature is negative 6 degree Celsius.

My husband would love to eat something hot and spicy in this chilled weather with a cup of hot tea. I just glanced my refrigerator-pockets for the veggies I have in-store.

Last time we went to the market(meijer, super-market), I saw a group of collard-green bunches in the vegetable section. It was so fresh and appealing, tempting me to cook something with them. I grabbed one from them and was the best purchase that day. Its there smiling at me, ready to go to the pot and get cooked and be the part of our dinner today.

I had taken the veins form them, washed several times and kept in a plastic bag.So its fresh and ready to cook. Gonna smear them with some batter to look pretty and beautiful to turn into yummy, healthy, tempting hot pathrodos, a very healthy dish which is basically of a konkani origin cuisine.

The name "pathrodo" came from the words 'pathra' meaning leaf and 'vada' fried dish .

Usually pathrodo is made with the yam leaf. the heart-shaped edible leaf of yam. It is widely available in all parts of India. Its gives a little Here, I usually get them from Patel brothers in Chicago Devon street. When it is used, A little itching feeling can come in the mouth, to get rid of this tamarind and heeng/asafetida is used in a good amount in this dish. But since its not so easy to go and get them, I could find out something to replace this particular leaf. Collard greens which is widely available here in the USA in most of the markets.

This is a very healthy dish since its made out of a freshy leafy vegetable and at the same time its cooked in steam. Dishes cooked in steam are the best than frying or cooking them with water.

It needs a little patience to make them, Today, I am in a perfect mood to cook something really yummy for my husband.

(Edited after cooking…….)
I could make perfect pathrodos this time. Really yummy and my husband enjoyed them eating them hot tea

1. White Rice/ Ponni Rice- 1 cup
2. Shredded cocnut- ¼ cup
3. Turmeric Powder- ¼ tsp
4. Chilly Powder- 3 tsp
5. Heeng/ Asafoetida- ¼ tsp
6. Tamarind paste- ½ tsp
7. Salt, to taste.
8. Collard Greens/ Yam leaf- a bunch (20 leaves)

Preparation Method.
1.Soak the rice in 3 cups of water overnight.
2.Grind together all the ingredients except the leaves into a thick paste,it must not be watery.

3.De-vein the leaves carefully and wash them very well, atleast 3-4 times without tearing them. If yam leaves are used, it must be kept in a plastic bag outside the refrigerator to make it yellow leaves to get rid of itching in the mouth once cooked.

4.Take those leaves one by one and wipe them with a tissue to drain out all the water content on them.
5.Now take the leaves one by one and smear them with the ground mixture.

6.Keep leaf one upon the other by smearing each leaf with some mixture.
7.Fold the two sides taking all the leaves together.

8.Now, roll this from one end to the other, making it a leaf roll packed and rolled together.

9.Keep them in a steamer and cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of leaves in the roll. For -20-25 leaves the cooking time is 45 minutes after the steam starts coming. If the number of leaves is more and the roll becomes thick, the cooking time will vary and will be more.

10.Once cooked, open the lid and keep for 15 minutes so that the stickiness on the roll goes and it dries up.

11.Cut and keep them for sometime so that it cools down and the stickiness on each piece is gone.
12.Serve with some fresh coconut oil on top.


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  3. This looks soo yummy ...:-) This is one of my fav snack...I always ask my mom to make it whenever I go back:-)
    Ayyooo where do i find some Collard Greens!!!i have to try it...sigh sigh...

  4. Hi Ramya, Thanks fr dropping by...I got it from Meijer ..Green veggie area. They come along with the stem as a bunch. Do try it out.