Home-Made Ghee from Organic Butter

Ghee is nothing but clarified butter. Unlike butter, ghee can be stored for a long period without refrigeration provided it is kept in an airtight container.

How to make Ghee out of Butter:
This is a very very easy procedure. I have demonstrated with lot of pictures which makes the understanding easier. My husband likes only home made ghee as my mother-in-law used to make it at home. I could also study the way to make ghee from butter which is far better than the usual ghee and an added taste to many typical Indian dishes especially Ghee roast (dosa), Rotis, Gajar ka halwa or even on top with steamed rice and dal.

1. Unsalted Butter, the same amount you need to make the ghee.
2. A pinch of salt

1. In a heavy bottom pan, add 4 cubes of butter and heat it in a very low flame (pic:1).

2. When all the butter melts, simmer for some more time. Keep in mind that there is a very high chance of burning the bottom, so keep in simmer from the start to the end of this process.

3. When you can see the white particles all around the pan,its almost done (Pic:2).

4. At this stage, add a pinch of salt into this. Do not add too much, a pinch is more than enough. Now you will be able to see an effervescence and the particle will start separating towards the edge of the pan (Pic:3)

5. Switch off the flame and keep it for sometime, but do not allow it to cool completely.

6. After sometime, drain this through a clean cotton cloth.

7. Now the clean liquid which is the ghee is separated from the particles. Pour this into an air tight glass bottle and can be stored for a long period outside or in a refrigerator.

8. When it cools down if it becomes thick solid, the procedure has gone out correctly and you are succesful in making ghee on your own, otherwise there would have happened some problem in doing this. If you are too curious to know whether the procedure has come out well, after sometime just keep the bottle in the fridge and see whether it solidifies.

Do not wash off the cloth that you had used for this, you can use it over the dosa or rotis. Once the whole substance on the cloth is gone, wash the cloth neatly, dry and use it the next time.

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