Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roomali Roti

This is avery famous North-Indian Roti, usually served with mayonnaise and grilled chicken. Very easily made at home with the restaurant perfection,folded like a kerchief and served warm with non-vegetarian/Vegetarian gravies or Tandoori chicken,chicken tikka etc. I followed the method from vah re vah chef and it came out perfect. My husband's all-time favorite.

This roti got its name from its handkerchief like appearance. Roomal means handkerchief in Hindi. This Roti is thin and very large in size than the normal chapattis.

1. Maida/All Purpose Flour-1 Cup
2. Wheat Flour/Atta-1 Cup
3. Ghee
4. Rice flour, to dust in between the rotis
5. Salt,to taste

Preparation Method:
1. In a large bowl, take wheat flour,all-purpose flour and salt.
2. Mix them well and knead it into a big soft and elastic ball like roti dough by adding enough water. Do not add any oil/ghee at the end of kneading as we do for roti.
3. Now make 2 equal sized balls out of the dough and flatten each of them into the size of a poori or a large circular lid by dusting with all-purpose flour in between.
4. Now apply 1/4 tsp of ghee on to one side of both the circles and dust that side slightly with rice powder.
5. Now stick both of them together with the oiled-dusted side sticking to each other.
6. Now both of the circles become one to a thicker poori/circle.
7. Now flatten it into a very large roti which must be very very thin as a tissue/roomal/kerchief, by dusting with all purpose flour. Any one can easily do it into thin circles unlike normal roti.
8. Heat the roti thawa into super hot by keeping the flame high throughout.
9. Keep the roti over it and toast one side its three-forth done in high flame.
10. Now flip and toast the other side, do not turn them over and over again,flipping must be done only once. Keep that in mind and flip only when one side is almost done,you must not turn them over if you feel its not properly done.
11. Now switch off the flame and keep the roti onto a plate. Now you will be able to seperate the two layers by simply lifting one of the rotis that we had sticked together during the flattening process, the two different layers on the edge will be visible after toasting. Care must be taken while pulling off the two rotis, not to tear and it will be steam hot. Do separate the layers when its still hot or warm.
12. Fold them like handkerchiefs to form a triangular shape, the same way we used to keep our kerchief pinned with our name-plates during our nursery school days. Only the exposed portion will be toasted and the inside portions which stuck to each other will not be toasted but wil be cooked definitely as its paper thin, so don not worry about its appearance,the raw looking side willbe soft and cooked and never chewy or gooey.
13. Transfer them to a closed box/vessel or a casserole so that it becomes soft due to the steam inside.
14. Serve them after sometime warm with Indian curry gravies or dry recipes like chicken tikka, grilled chicken,tandoori chicken etc with a mayonnaise combo.


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