Dosa batter Making and fermenting in cold weather conditions

1. Ponni/Sona Massori/Idli rice- 1 cup
2. Urud dal- 3/4 cup
3. Fenugreek seeds- ¼ tsp
4. Salt- 2 tsps

1. Wash urud dal and rice separately atleast 3 times.
2. Soak them in water separately for atleast 6 hours.
3. Soak fenugreek with either rice or uruda dal.
4. Grind urud dal by adding water till the froth starts coming.(so that you get nice batter)
5. Grind rice and fenugreek with some water till all the rice grind to fine paste.
6. Pour both the urud dal and rice paste into a big vessel.
7. Mix well with your hand.(The bacteria in your hand helps the batter ferment).
8. Keep it Overnight for fermentation.

If you are in a country like USA, where the temperature is almost always below 20 degree Celsius, the best way to ferment the batter is to pour it into a glass vessel or an oven safe dish. Then preheat the oven to 200 degree Fahrenheit for 7-8 minutes. Switch it off and keep the vessel inside overnight. It will ferment by early morning itself.
In case if oven is not available, You can just keep it in room temperature for two days and use it. By that time, it will be fermented.

You can find different types of Dosa in: Dosa/Indian Pancakes.
Making Dosa:
1. Take a ladle(thavi) full of batter, pour it on the thava/non-stick pan.
2. Spread some oil on top and cook till one side is done. When the top surface is cooked, flip the Dosa. By this time, underneath surface will be golden in color.
3. Cook for one more minute.

Serve hot with chutney, sambar or pitto/chammanthi podi.

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