Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quail Eggs/Kaada Mutta

Nutritional Benefits:
Quail eggs are very small black spotted eggs on a light brown outer surface. They are the eggs of the bird quail. These eggs are considered as a dietary and healing food. They are widely used in world-wide countries like America, Western Europe,Japan,China,Colombia, Venezuela, Philippines and India especially Kerala.Studies say that their nutritional value is 3-4 times more than the chicken eggs .They are rich in Proteins,Vitamin A,B1,B2, phosphorous and calcium. They provide us with 5-6 times iron and potassium than normal chicken eggs.

Health Benefits:
1. They help strengthen heart muscle.
2. They are widely used in beauty masks to cleanse the skin and good for hair growth,which result in strong and voluminous hair.
3. It helps in retaining the brain and nervous system strong which leads to good memory power and the nutritions fight against infections. So very good for kids who can intake almost 3-4 quail eggs a day.
4. They help eliminate the stone formation in kidney and bladder.
5. They help reduce the chance of cancer.
6. They help increase the amount of haemoglobin and good for ulcer,tuberculosis and gastritis.
7. Studies say that quail have a reduced cholesterol and saturated fat content when compared to chicken eggs. So, Grown-ups can consume 4-5 quail eggs a day and the positive results will be visible with in months.

Some say that 1 quail-bird's meat is nutritionally equal to a 100 chicken. Quail meat is also healthier.

How To Eat:
I usually make boiled quail eggs/ Kaadamutta puzhungiyath by boiling them in water for 10 minutes. The shell can be opened after this and eaten as such or cut into thin equal round slices and sprinkled with some salt and fresh pepper and then served. We buy them from the chinese market here where Quail meat and eggs, Duck eggs etc: are widely available. During my child-hood I used to eat them a lot by boiling them. It was a fun-eating 10 at a time breaking each very fast and just gulping them into the mouth. We used to get them from Kuttanad(5-6 kms from Alleppey) as Alleppey is my home-town.

Or any Omelets can be made with this but we might require some 6-8 eggs to replace a normal chicken egg in quantity. I prepare bulls eye with these eggs by cracking 4-5 eggs on a griddle touching each other, cooked on for 3-4 minutes and then served by sprinkling salt and pepper on top.

These eggs can also be used to prepare cute egg curry by replacing the normal eggs. People make different types of curries and thoran along with some veggies like mushroom or some other things and served with rice. So on the whole, this can be used in any dish and can be used in all the preparation to replace the chicken eggs where ever the normal chicken eggs are used for your and your family's nutritional-health benefits.


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