Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fig Milk Shake

This is my signature dish. We usually buy fig on a regular basis as it is very good for our health. Rich in potassium,rich in dietary fiber and many more nutritional values as I have mentioned below. It promotes the over-all well being of an individual.
One fine day, I had some dried-figs in a packet and didn't feel like eating for some days. Thought of making something out of them like a sweet or pudding and just checked for the things i have in my refrigerator. An idea clicked inside me to make some drink out of it as I was serving pulao for lunch that day. So took the ingredients I thought would go good with this and made a drink out of it. It came out really well, really refreshing. My husband loved it and wanted to make more. Try it out, its a really soothing drink and children also would definitely love this.

1. Fig- 10-12
2. Milk- 1 1/2 cup
3. Sugar- 3 tbsp
4. Milk-maid- 1/4 tin

Preparation Method:
1. Mostly, dried fig are available in the market. So wash them well under running water and soak them in water or the milk for 2 hours.
2. Remove the stem like part at the bottom of the fig, when it becomes soft.
3. Cut the fig into small pieces.
3. In a blender, blend together all the ingredients for two minutes.
4. Serve in a glass with a piece of fig for garnish.
Sugar and milk can be adjusted to the taste and consistency.
While served for children, better sieve it and serve, because there will be small particles of fig and its seeds inside which is grind into fine particles. Children may find it difficult to drink and there are chances of them to stick in the throat.

Nutritional Value of Dried Figs-Amount of nutrients present in 100g of dried figs:
Carbohydrates - 64 g
Sugars - 48 g
Dietary Fiber -10 g
Fat - 1 g
Protein - 3 g
Energy - 250 kcal / 1040 kJ

Consuming figs help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Calcium and potassium present in figs prevent bone thinning and help to promote bone density. Tryptophan, present in figs, induces good sleep and helps get rid of sleeping disorders like insomnia.Eating figs relieves fatigue and boosts memory power.
Drinking fig juice helps to soothe irritated bronchial passages.
Consumption of figs with milk cures illness like anemia.
Due to their laxative effect, figs are helpful for treating chronic constipation.
Daily consumption of soaked figs (2-3) is an effective remedy for curing hemorrhoids or piles.
The soluble fiber, called pectin, in figs helps in reducing blood cholesterol.
When applied on skin, baked figs can cure inflammations like abscesses and boils.
Due to their high water content, mashed figs act as a very good skin cleanser and help in preventing and curing acnes and pimples.
Figs are rich in calcium and are excellent calcium alternatives for people who are allergic to dairy products.
Consuming figs also helps in aiding digestion and taming various stomach and bowel-related problems.

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