Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Easy Strawberry Pudding

1. Strawberries, cut and mixed in sugar syrup
2. Gelatin/Pectin 1 packet
3. Hot water 1/2 a cup
4. Ice water 3 tbsp
5. Whipping Cream 5 tbsp
6. Egg white of 2 eggs

1. Cut and clean the strawberries and mix with enough sugar till the sugar melts into it.
(You can also use store-bought sugared strawberries, available in Wal-mart/Meijer in USA.)

2. Crush the strawberries with hands and keep aside.

3. Dissolve the gelatin/pectin, in ice water and keep aside till the whole substance dissolves in the water.

4. Once done, add some hot water into it and mix well,until no particles are left.

5. Separate the egg white from the egg and beat it into a foam-like consistency.

6. Add the gelatin mix into the stawberries and mix thoroughly.

7. Add whiiping cream and stir in a folding manner until no white particles are left.

8. Fold in the egg white mixture into this. Folding must be done very very softly. This makes the pudding soft and silky.

9. Pour the mixture into a refrigerating dish and refrigerate for an hour. Then freeze for 1 or 2 hrs and can be cut into equal squares and served with some strawberry pieces.

Gelatin/Pectin is a thickening agent. Gelatin is an animal product while Pectin is made from plant. Its always safe to use Pectin. Gelatin is not preferred for children under 5 yrs.
Beating the egg white can be made easier with a egg beater or a whisker. At home wee can make it very easily even with a fork, by taking the egg in a wide mouth glass vessel and beat it for 5-10 mnts with a fork continuously. Egg will turn like the detergent foam.

Courtesy: LakshmiNair,Magic Oven@KairaliTv

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