Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Classic Deviled Eggs

1. Hard-cooked/Boiled Eggs,peeled and cut lengthwise: 4
2. Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing: 2 tbsp
3. Salt, to taste
4. Black pepper powder: 1/4 tsp
5. Milk- 3 tbsp
6. Garlic Powder- 1/2 tsp
7. Tomato peel/Skin of tomato and Coriander leaves for garnish (purely optional)

1. Completely cook the egg for 12-15 minutes in boiling water.
2. Wash in cold water and peel off the outer shell and cut the cooked egg length-wise into equal halves.
3. Pop out the egg yolk/yellow portion of the egg carefully without tearing the egg white portion. Just pull the yolk using a spoon or a sharp knife into a bowl.
4. Mash them all into fine powder.
5. Mix in all the ingredients except ingredient:6.Make a fine tooth paste form out of it.
6. Milk can be added more to make the mix a little loose.
7. Take the egg whites one by one and fill in the the mixed paste into it just to fill the hole inside the cooked egg white. Do not overfill it. If you have piping bags and the flower/star decorating tips/nozzles which are attached to the bags, very easy to pipe into the spots.
8. Now peel off the skin from a tomato and just cut a small strip out of it. Keep it over the mixture in the egg white. Clean off the egg white with a soft paper-towel to wipe off any filling mixture over.
9. Cut a small strip of the coriander leaf and keep on the other end of the mixture inside and decorate as shown in the figure. The red and green colors on it makes the dish more attractive and tempting along with its own pale yellow color.

10. Paprika powder can also be used to decorate to just sprinkle on over the eggs.
11. Serve as a starter for lunch or dinner, a very good attractive and innovative idea for a party.


  1. U r killing me with ur pictures.love the flavour .

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