Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicken/Vegetable Fried Rice

1. Soy Sauce
2. Red Chili Sauce
3. Green Chili Sauce
4. Steamed Rice
5. Green Chillies
6. Ginger-Garlic Paste
7. Onion chopped
8. Carrot
9. Green Beans
10. Celery
11. Spring Onion
12. Chicken
13. Egg

1. Cook rice with 3 tbp soyasauce, salt and 1 tsp oil (Soyasauce also contains saltness, so adjust salt accordingly. When the water is tasted if its salty enough, then the rice will also be the same when cooked).

2. Heat oil ina wok/pan. Add ginger-garlic paste and green chillies.

3. Add onion, saute till translucent. Add celery,saute for 5 mnts.

4. Add the chicken to a side of the pan keeping the other ingredients onto another side. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on to the chicken.Keep this along with other ingredients.

5. Pour little oil and add the egg beaten with salt. Scramble properly and sprinkle some pepper powder on the cooked egg.

6. Add the vegetables; Carrot and Green peas. Saute for 5 mnts.

7. Add the sauces; soyasauce and chilly sauce. Now the mix is ready to mix up with the rice.

8. Add the cooked rice and toss well. Sprinkle salt little by little by one hand,mixing rice with the other hand.

9. Sprinkle spring onion on top and give a mix.

10. (Optional) In 2 tsps of oil add the crushed chillies/chilli powder and keep aside for 15-20 mnts. Add this on the rice and serve hot. The best combination for this are chinese dishes or Thai dishes.

The egg and chicken part can be avoided by veggies and chicken can be avoided for those who need egg fried rice.

Courtesy: webindia123.com

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